Some kind words

I like the visitors of the exhibitions, the customers…
Read what some of them had to say about their experience.

“Whatever the topic, your photographs are typical. You are looking the reality beyond the surface”.

“What I really appreciated in the work you did for our association, is the interest to the social aspect of our work. Thank you, really. Then, I noticed also that you listen to our needs and you took into account the final destination of the pictures. After discussion, we agreed on shared objectives. 
During the shooting, you are able to make people feel comfortable. Even if they didn’t decide the situation, they agreed to be on the picture.
The fact that you deliver a professional work is comforting. We are sure to obtain pictures that are good for further printing works. Even in difficult shooting situations, in offices i.e., the quality of the images is fine: topic, frame, contrast, colors,
Finally, you are proposing a relevant selection of photographs, with ranking, but also, as discussed but I really enjoy it, we could saw all the rush of the shooting so we could check if there is any picture that could be saved.


"I saw you when you make photography shooting. You are smiling. You are discreet but you are looking to contact people so you could succeed to make the photography you want.
The angle shot are different, with movement. You took picture of all the people, even those I don’t know. You saw scenes that nobody noticed, surprisingly. Colors are beautiful even with night lights. 
We had access to the pictures quite rapidly and when we made our favorites selection, we received the print quickly."


"What is amazing is the light you succeed to capture. Day, night, summer or winter, there is always a beautiful light in your picture. You are making us love our city, differently discovered.
In your reportage, behind the traditional story, you are capturing some private moment, some funny, behind the scenes."


"What struck me most, is the extreme precision of the composition and his discretion, I mean without making the picture heavy. The choice of the vertical or horizontal image is always judicious (see the Art nouveau pictures). You make fair use of light or absence of light and same for color (you deserve the award for the series in 2012).  You tackle with positive results different topic (landscape, portray,) showing a great eclecticism."