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Brussels. Art Nouveau. Daily

To get away from the usual clichés, the objective of this work was to show how Art Nouveau is part of the everyday life of Brussels.

These photos are just snapshots of a few days in the streets of Brussels and the Museum of Musical Instruments : visitors who play with musicians of wax, rooftop restaurant with its views on tower of the Brussels Town Hall and the valley of the Senne, walkers and protesters wandering under the glass roof , ...

This gallery shows only a part of this work, analogic pictures printed on baryta Fiber-Based paper, which has been the subject of several exhibitions.
Art nouveau - Bruxelles du MimArt nouveau - MIMArt nouveau - MimArt nouveau - MimArt nouveau - MimArt nouveau - MimArt nouveau - MimArt nouveauArt nouveauArt nouveauArt nouveau